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Boracay is one of the most renowned islands in the Philippines that surrounded with marvellous beaches. It is also the most visited tourist spots in the world with approximately 22,000 people both domestic and foreign visitors. During the Holy Week, an increase of population are expected and sometimes it reaches at most 500,000 tourists. Many attractions in Boracay Island that draws a lot of attention to foreign and domestic visitors; these are the super fine sand beaches, which includes the two main tourist spots and the eight unique beaches with distinct sceneries.

The White Beach is one of the highlights in Boracay Island with a wide selection of hotel accommodations, restaurants and exciting activities. As such, the snorkelling, banana boating, boat sailing, jet skiing and the kayaking. It is also divided in three stations. The Station 3 is where the affordable accommodations are located, while the Station 2 is near the proximity of the bars and restaurants. Moreover, the Station 1 is where the high-end accommodations are located, which includes special wellness packages and fine dining restaurants.

The Bulabog Beach is the counterpart of White Beach in Boracay Island. It has a distinct characteristic that draws a lot of Kite boarders and Windsurfing enthusiasts. Most of the visitors are overwhelmed with the reputable accommodations such as the Villas and the affordable luxury pads. Apart from the marvellous colliding waves, it has breathtaking scenery that captures every heart. During on November to April, the wind reaches approximately 12 to 20 knots therefore, a good venue for great adventure.

Moreover, the eight remaining beaches have a unique ambience and tranquillity. The first one is the Diniwid Beach, which is roughly 200 meters away from the Northern end of the White beach. It is the most serene place to visit with, a good spot for family getaway. It has so many decent resorts with affordable packages and accessible to neighbouring islands. Next is the Balinghai Beach, which is walk away from Diniwid Beach, a different kind of scenery with breathtaking rocks and cliffs above the shore.

Then, the Punta-bunga beach, Puka beach, Ilig-iligan beach, Lapuz-lapuz beach, Tulubhan beach, Tambisaan and the Cagban Beach is where the Cagban jetty port is located. Every Boracay beaches have distinctive sceneries, which is different from one to another. It has a natural mineral that allows the inner beauty of nature to come out.