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Boracay Island is part of Aklan province, which is known for its high geographic biodiversity. The beautiful Boracay beaches, marvellous landscape and a variety of animals such as fruit bats, sea turtles, monkeys, birds, monitor lizard, colourful butterflies and other extinct wild animals. Most of these animals are located in Baranggay Yapak, Mt. Luho and other mountainous parts of Boracay. They were placed in a sanctuary where the main purposed is to preserve their existence. Like for instance, the fruit bat that usually dwells in a cave. Wherein, hundreds of species can be found in the east coast of Ilig- iligan baranggay Yapak. The bat cave became so popular in 1978, after a German writer published an interesting book describing the Boracay’s treasure.

The fruit bats become extinct in some parts of Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. It is generally called as Acerodon jubatus, one of the eleven members of genus Acerodon. It measures six feet when the wings are extended and usually the weight reaches from 1.9 to 2.5 pounds. The mode of feeding is mostly fruits and fig trees. They are also known as great pollinator and an expert seed disperser. Most of these animals are nocturnal, and it can travel 25 miles a night when searching for food.

Secondly are the beautiful butterflies that can be found in Bolabog beach. A huge farm was created and being cultivated to preserve the hundreds of butterflies. It is also, one of the most visited placed in Boracay with a variety of species that you’ll definitely enjoy with. These would include the Papilio helenus (red Helen butterfly); Papilio xuthus (Asian Swallowtail) with shades of black, and white Danaus Chrypsipus (Plain Tiger); Heteronympha merope (brown butterfly), and other various crossbreed species. Typically, they last for three to four days, but the maximum lifespan ranges from twenty to forty days. They feed on rotten fruit juices, water and flower nectar through their proboscis. Apart from that, there are also exotic birds that can be found in Boracay. Including, the Aplonis panayensis (red-eyed Starling), which mainly feed on soft fruits such as the banana, papaya, and mangoes. They are capable to travel long distances in roost flocks, followed by the endemic Dicaeum australe (red-striped flowerpecker) in cages. Third is the endemic Cacatua haematuropygia (Philippine cockatoo) where in 90 percent of its population declines due to excessive pet trading.

There are a lot of extinct birds that can be found in Boracay and most of them are preserved in some localities. In addition to, the typical monkeys are also numbered in Boracay Island particularly in Diniwid beach. They usually called it the Monkey house and they inhabit just above the caves. Most of the species is the Saccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus (orangutan). They generally feed on fruits, figs, lice and insects. Other Boracay animals such as the snakes, monitor lizards, sea turtle and other rare species also inhabit in many Boracay Caves. Some of these animals become extinct because of too much hunting and trading. However, the near locality collaborates with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for better animal preservation and natural restoration.