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Boracay Kite Surfing Kite surfing is one of the most popular extreme water sports worldwide. Mostly, it takes place on a country where it has a consistent-wind direction and a fair shallow water condition. These countries are the Iberian Peninsula, Algarve Coast of Portugal, Canary Islands of Spain and other parts of the world, which includes the Philippines particularly the Boracay.

Boracay Kite Surfing started in 1990 with a batch of foreign backpackers. These people are mainly from Europe and mostly they are certified surfers in their own forte. After two years of struggling and many native Filipinos are starting to familiarise the nature of the sports. It became popular, and the demands are increasing. Therefore, they created short courses by category, from interested one to professional level. By then, the Boracay beach became popular and number one spot in Asia for kite boarding. Generally, the Kite surfing is called kite boarding or Fly surfing, which performs on flat water using a surfboard with the aid of a kite. Usually, the surfer rides on the board with a secured harness and control bars that are attached to the foot straps. In which, it allows you to take charge of the wind direction and full control of the kite. It is also advisable to wear a helmet and wetsuit in colder water. This will prevent you from getting hypothermia. Moreover, there are different options to propel an inflated kite while surfing, but first you need to have a basic background about the sport as well as the primary precautions.

Therefore, you need to see a professional surfer. Actually, there are a lot of certified surfer groups offer short tutorials and courses such as the Islakite and Habagat team. They are both certified groups to organise a training program under the authorization of the International Kiteboarding Organisation in accordance with standard policy of gaming. Furthermore, the prices for short courses would depend on the type of lessons you preferred with. For the discovery courses, it would cost you 50 Euro for two hours. However, if you decided to step up to the next level then, the discovery course is free. The basic price for the beginners would cost you 99 Euro for 4 hours a day. If you proceed to level two then, it would cost you 290 Euro for 12 hours and these are good for three days with certification. Please be reminded also that the equipment rental and the storage fee are on a separate charge. Primarily, the activities are held in Bulabog Beach Boracay, which has 2.5 kilometres long suited for water sports.

Approximately ten minutes walk to the white beach and more solemn compared to the opposite side. Starting from the month of November up to the end of April, it’s the best days to begin with kite surfing because the wind strength reaches 12 to 20 knots, a perfect time to see a good result. Moreover, it requires a lot of endurance and perseverance to become a better kite surfer.